Central Maine Trunk Or Treats Starting This Weekend Thru Halloween
The craze of Trunk or Treats is really catching on, as more and more are popping up throughout Central Maine and beyond.  To make things easy for is a list of local Trunk or Treats:
October 26th:
6:30pm - 8pm: Windsor PAWS PTO @ Windsor School
October 27th: 
4:30pm - 6pm: HDHS Key Club at Hal…
Enoch – Injured 2-Year-Old – Is Getting His Gifts
This little boy, Enoch, deserves to have the world delivered to him on a silver platter.  What he has had to endure in the last couple of weeks, certainly isn't something anybody should have to go through.  To help with his healing, Mainers have pulled together and sent Enoch lots of …
B98.5 Has Your Chance To Speak With A Loved One From Beyond
Have you ever wanted the opportunity to speak to a loved one from beyond the grave?  Need to ask Grandpa where he left his favorite belt buckle?  Need to verify that missing ingredient from Grandma's famous recipe?  Well...spirit reading doesn't quite work like that...but it…

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