Cassini Space Probe to Photograph Earth From Saturn
The Cassini space probe was launched in 1997 with its mission to enter the orbit of Saturn and study the planet's rings. Cassini arrived at its destination in 2004 and has been studying the planet since. This Friday, July 19, at 5:27 p.m. EDT, the space probe will take a picture of Earth from i…
Have You Seen A Luna Moth This Year Yet?
Chad's band, Cold Blue Steel had just finished playing at the Waterford Fairgrounds Saturday night and we were all talking about things when a moth started flying around us. I had mentioned the only Luna Moth I had seen this year was one someone had run over in a gas station parking lot.
I thoug…
First Communications Satellite in Operation June, 1965
There are many upon many satellites circling the globe these days but it was June 28, 1965 that the first commercial communications satellite went into operation. It was called Early Bird and was built for the Communications Satellite Corporation or COMSAT and was launched on April 6, 2965.
Moon Closest to Earth This Weekend, Called Super Moon
It’s called a Super Moon, and it happens on Saturday, June 22 and Sunday June 23. The moon will appear bigger and brighter than any other time during the year. The reason is the moon will closer to Earth than normal. The astronomers' name for it is perigee full moon but the…
Giant Snake Opens Door!
I don't mind the garden snakes in my woodpile or curled up alongside the flower garden. In fact, Brad and Anderson caught a good one yesterday! That's my boys!
Charles Osborn Hiccuped for 68 Years
In 1922, Charles Osborn, started to hiccup and didn’t stop until June 5th, 1990. The Guinness Book of World Records has him listed for the longest bout of hiccups ever. He said he was hanging a 350 pound hog for butchering when he fell down and found out from doctors he broke a blood…
One Of The Eagles DIED!
We here at B98.5 have been tuning into the Biodiversity Research Institute Eagle Cam they have in Brookfield, Maine. Every week we look for an update on the two chicks and they have been getting bigger. It's so soothing. It's been amazing to see these little birds grow. We named them Tut T…

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