The Timex Ironman Smartwatch
Timex has added a new watch to their Ironman line of GPS watches, it is a 3-G connected smartwatch. It’s called the Ironman One GPS + and is made mostly for athletes because you can run fitness data to a website so you can monitor your run in real time.
Astronauts Don’t Sleep Well in Space
NASA has revealed that astronauts in space suffer from sleep deprivation. According to a 10 year study it shows astronauts get an average of only six hours of sleep a night. NASA orders crew members to get at least 8.5 hour of sleep but that’s not happening.
Many Believe Robots WIll Create More Jobs
The worry about the future is robots taking all our jobs. Most people now believe they will create more jobs. There are many robots doing the jobs humans used to do, assembly lines at auto manufactures, warehouses and even hospitals. These are line work jobs and usually boring and require heavy lift…
Scientists Develop Transparent Mice
Scientists have developed a chemical treatment that turns mice transparent. One day researchers at the California Institute of Technology hope to use this as a way to study how disease flows through the human body.
Mars Rover Sets an Out of This World Record
Can you believe the Mars rover ‘Opportunity’ has been on Mars since 2004? Seems like only yesterday! The rover has set a new record on the red planet; it has become the furthest traveled wheeled vehicle on another planet.
Robot Can Play Connect Four
MIT graduate, Patrick McCabe, has programmed a robot that can play a game with you. The game is Connect Four and you can choose from four levels of difficulty. The game can even give you a hint if you need one. There are details on how the machine works at his website patrickmccabemakes...
45 Years Since Man First Set Foot on the Moon
In this day and age of technology, your smart phone probably has more capabilities than the first space ship to go to the moon, but on July 20th 1969, an American made the first footprints on the moon’s surface. This Sunday, July 20th marks the 45th anniversary of Apollo 11 landing o…
The One Thing All Humans Fear
All humans fear something, some fear spiders, some snakes, some darkness and some speaking in public. There is one thing that ALL humans fear, it is the fear of something or someone moving closer to us. The study was done at the University of Chicago and they found humans fear things moving closer r…
UFO Sighting in Chile
The government in Chile has been studying photos of UFO’s that were taken by miners at a remote cooper mine. The government says they believe they are genuine UFO’s. The study was done by the Chilean equivalent to the FAA.

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