There's nothing like a great burger, especially on the weekend. Here's my healthier version of the traditional burger and fries. Here's what you'll need: A frying pan, cooking spray, a pound of 93% lean ground turkey, a sweet onion, turkey bacon, a package of ranch dressing and cheese.

Open the ranch dressing powder and mix it in with the ground turkey, form 4 quarter sized patties. Spray your frying pan with cooking spray and get the pan hot before adding the patties. Slice up a sweet onion and add the onion and slice of turkey bacon to the frying pan when the burgers are about halfway cooked. Top with cheese near the end of the cooking process, I like Cooper Sharp and add honey mustard and ketchup and enjoy!

Before the burgers are even started, preheat the oven to 425 and pour in some frozen sweet potato fries into a pan and cook for 22 minutes. There you have it! Andy's Turkey Burger.