Getty Images, photo by Streeter Lecja

Here are some things you are eating but don’t know about because they are not on the ingredients panel on the items you buy. The ‘cochineal beetle’ is used to make red food dye, so if you ever ate tomato products, cherries or jams, you also ate beetles. ‘Beaver anal glands’ or ‘castoreum’, a mixture of anal secretion and urine, is used in vanilla and raspberry flavors and some perfumes.

Another big one is ‘dried fish bladder’, that is what gives beer a golden glow. An FDA-approved additive found in chewing gum, sunscreen and baby products comes from the goopy, oily secretions of a sheep’s wool. Potato chips, America’s favorite snack food, contain sodium bisulfite, which helps extend the shelf life and bleach out the discoloration in chips, but is also used in many toilet bowl cleaners. I guess the best thing to do is not think about what you’re eating, just enjoy eating it. See more here: