I’ll start by saying ‘don’t drink sun screen’. There is a new product is a drinkable sun screen called Harmonized H2O that says it blocks UV rays. Founder Ben Johnson claims if you drink it, with water, every 4 hours while in the sun, you will have full protection.

The British Skin Foundation is telling people to use extreme caution when using such a product. It is yet to be endorsed by a dermatologist and it goes against fundamental scientific principles. How if it is ingested does it end up on the skin? The claim is, once it is ingested, molecules of the product vibrate on the skin to cancel out 97% of UVA and UVB rays.

I’d hold off on this one for a while to see if there is any scientific proof it works, in the meantime, use good old spray sun block or get a friend to spread the cream on you. Be safe and don’t get….burned!