Sometimes winning the lottery jackpot couldn’t happen to better people and that the case for the Enderson family. There are 17 siblings in the family and they just won the New Jersey lottery worth $20 million. It was a dream of their deceased mother to win the lottery, and they finally did it.

Flossie Enderson passed away in 2004 and all the family chipped in for the funeral, when they realized they had donated too much money they decided to start a new lottery pool in honor of their mother. The sibling range in age from 53 to 76 and the family has had their share of hardships.

Four members lost their home during Hurricane Sandy in 2004 and one brother lost his life shortly afterwards. The Enderson’s say they are hardworking people just like everyone else, going to work every day. But the money couldn’t have come at a better time.

They took the lump sum of the $20 million jackpot which means the will get $14 million, $10 million after taxes. They haven’t said how they will split the money but did say the three children of the brother that died will get a share.