Indoor Pool Shut Down Over Sprinkler System
In Bethel, Alaska, they were ready to celebrate their new community center’s indoor swimming pool. Unfortunately it is still closed and the grand opening has been postponed. It remains closed because of problem with the sprinkler system.
Family of 17 Wins New Jersey Lottery
Sometimes winning the lottery jackpot couldn’t happen to better people and that the case for the Enderson family. There are 17 siblings in the family and they just won the New Jersey lottery worth $20 million. It was a dream of their deceased mother to win the lottery, and they final…
Willie Marconi the Best in Billiards
Willie Marconi was considered one the greatest billiards players of all time. In my opinion he was the greatest. Willie passed away in 1980 after suffering a stroke. His best game came on April 17, 1956 against Jimmy Moore in Kinston, North Carolina. In that game Marconi sank 150 balls in a row, a p…
Randy Wins Football Poll for Second Week in a Row
I got lucky again this week and won the B98.5 station football pool. That makes it two weeks in a row, now the pressure is on. I went 13-3 this week but could have gone 14-2 but I was crazy enough to pick the Steelers over the Bengals on Monday night football