As someone who is overweight, I can easily be convinced to try the latest crazes that will make exercising easier.  Who hasn't purchased some crazy piece of exercise equipment, like the Shake Weight or Thigh Master?

But, I do think that I have found the most ridiculous piece of equipment that is sure make you drop to the floor and laugh.  The laughing alone should help produce epic abs. I had tears running down my leg.

First, let me start with "You're Welcome".  Second, The Facial Fitness Pao is a new product from Japan that claims to overpower the droopy effect of aging.  If you are willing to cram this product into your mouth and bounce your head like a lunatic, you just might tighten those facial muscles and tighten your skin.  But really, my explanation simply doesn't do this justice.  You really have to watch this video.

After, if you feel you need this more than anything, Amazon has it for ya!