There is a problem in India that, thank goodness we don’t have in this country, people defecating in public. It has gotten so bad, Unicef India, has introduced a new mascot to convince people not to go in public. The mascots name is ‘Mr. Poo’.

‘Mr. Poo’ made a music video called ‘Poo Party’ to tell people it’s not o.k. to go on the street and 100,000 people have already made the pledge to end open defecation. The problem in India is that 620 million people do not use a toilet, half the population and it results in over 120 million pounds of poo a day.

‘Mr. Poo’ not only made the video but he has a song too and according to Unicef campaign coordinator, Maria Fernandez, the song is catchy, she wakes up in the morning catching herself singing it.