Getty Images, photo by Jeff Swensen

As you can tell from looking around it is dandelion season, which starts when the grass starts getting green.  Personally I do not like dandelions on my lawn, so I use a weed and feed to get rid of them. You have to be careful on the type of spray or granules you use, but a quick trip to the hardware or lawn store and they can help you pick out a safe and effective product. If dandelions don’t bother you, there are benefits to them.

Dandelions can be good for the soil as their long roots aerate the soil and add minerals when they die, but they also attract lady bugs (if you have an unusual amount of lady bugs, dandelions could be the cause). Dandelions are good for your health too, uncooked they provided 280 percent of an adult's beta carotene and half the requirement of vitamin C, and are rich in vitamin A. Another neat thing about dandelions is they make a great wine. There are many websites dedicated to dandelion wine making. I remember my Grandfather made it all the time during the season.

Some people love the look of dandelions on their lawn thinking it adds beauty, others, like me, have no tolerance for them. To each his own I guess.