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Dan Holmgren is a United States Postal Service letter carrier and he has recently joined a rare club, the million-mile club!Holmgren has achieved 40 years of accident-free driving on the job, he also joined the U.S. Postal Service's Million Mile Club in 2003. That club is a distinction for those who've either driver 1 million miles or gone 30 years without a preventable accident. There are 9,350 members of that club nationwide.

Holmgram started with the Postal Service in 1970 in Illinois for a year after college. He then went back to school for two years and ran out of money and went back to the Postal Service.

He then spent 22 years of his career in Denver, Colorado. Then in 1995, he found a letter carrier in Lewiston, Maine who wanted to move to Denver and they swapped jobs.

Holmgren's route now is around Main Street in Lewiston and consists of 10 miles of driving and 3 miles of walking each day.

Holmgren received a pin, a letter of recognition and a bonus.

Holmgren's everyday vehicle deserves an award too, his 1994 Volvo station wagon has 290,000 miles on it!