It's early February in Maine and the temperatures have been going down, but the cost of heating our homes and filling up our gas tanks is going up! The average price for a gallon of #2 heating oil in Maine is $3.74 and the average price for a gallon of kerosene is $4.14. However, gasoline prices have increased at an even faster rate.The price monitoring website reported this week that the average gallon of gas in Maine has gone up nearly 14 cents in just the past week to an average price of $3.71 a gallon.

Compared to the other New England states, Maine is about average, New Hampshire has the lowest average price in New England at $3.61 a gallon and Connecticut has New England's highest gas price per gallon at $3.85.

The lowest price per gallon in the country is in Wyoming at $2.89 and the highest per gallon is in Hawaii at $4.18.

How are the high costs of gas and heating oil affecting you? Are you driving less? Are you turning down the thermostat?