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Heating Costs In Maine Are Rising
We have had a very cold start to December and as the furnaces start to kick in the cost of heating fuel in Maine is costing Mainers more. The Governor's Energy Office said earlier this week that its weekly survey found the average price for home heating oil has risen 5 cents to $3.61 a gallon.
The Price of Gas + Oil Up This Week
The price of gas had a fairly hefty jump in price this week and now I see the average cost of home heating oil is up too. Maine energy officials say the average cash price for heating oil is up 2 cents to $3.76 a gallon.
Maine Gas Prices Up 14 Cents in Past Week
It's early February in Maine and the temperatures have been going down, but the cost of heating our homes and filling up our gas tanks is going up! The average price for a gallon of #2 heating oil in Maine is $3.74 and the average price for a gallon of kerosene is $4.14. However, gasoline …
Andy Capwell’s ‘Winter Heating Plan’
We just finished a week of some of the coldest weather in Maine over the past decade. The furnace seems like it is always running and oil and kerosene prices have been going up as the temperature has been going down. I live in a mobile home and must use kerosene, instead of heating oil, to heat my h…
Heating Oil Prices In Maine Increase
With winter still offically over a month away, prices of heating oil in Maine increased another penny per gallon this week to an average of $3.76 per gallon. The Governor's Energy Office reports that prices are 25 cents a gallon higher than a year ago.