A single mom of 5 children from Missouri discovered her van had been stolen from a Kmart parking lot.  In the midst of her panic, she remembered there was an extra cellphone (actually belonging to her ex) in the van and she decided to text the thief. 

After a series of “not so nice” text messages, the mom sent a plea stating:

"Hey, you just stole a single mother of five's work van. You are ruining my life here."

And another:

"OMG car thief people can you just give me my van back! It would be epic, the miracle I need right now."

Apparently, her plea to the van-napper worked.  He even replied to her messages by :

"I do feel bad…my kids needed a meal on the table so that's what their dad did got them food. I know its wrong but it's been so hard since I lost my job."

Her van was returned and all is right in the world for this mom.