Getty Images, photo by Ron Case

There is a lot in today’s society to stress out mothers, like money worries, demands at work and home, and stress from pressure they put on themselves, but according to a survey by, having three children is the most stressful. The survey was conducted among 7,000 moms, and they seem to agree, the magic number is three.

Having one or two children, the stress level was lower, even having four or more children the stress level was lower, but three children, the average moms stress level was at an 8.5 out 10. Some of the other results from the survey:

46 percent say their husbands cause them more stress than their kids do.

72 percent stress out about how stressed they are.

60 percent of moms say raising girls is more stressful than raising boys.

90 percent stress out about staying fit and attractive.

The best advice given is to try and keep stress at bay by being organized and not taking life to seriously. Laugh a lot and have some fun.