A-B-C...easy as 1-2-3...or simple as Do-Re-Mi...

The Jackson 5 had it right when they said learning is easy. Even easier when children are exposed to music and learning about it. The studies have shown that by playing a musical instrument

time and time again children do better in the areas of math and science. Not just a little bit better but a whole lot!

There are other lessons children learn besides getting better grades. They learn responsibility. They must take proper care of their instrument whether it be guitar, piano, flute or flugal horn. They learn a good work ethic because they take the time every day to practice and become better at their craft. That spills over into their studying habits.

Not only do they learn to read music but they learn to write it as well. Children normally don't like to read or write but with music it's an entirely different story. It's something CREATIVE that they can't be wrong at because music is expression.

I have seen first hand how a child's life has changed for the better because of a simple, cheap, acoustic guitar. The once shy boy suddenly came out of his shell when he found there were others who shared his joy of music. Friends, and girls, starting hanging around, grades started going up and his whole disposition changed for the better.

Music in schools is so important. Let your child have the opportunity to play an instrument. Yes, it might be something as quiet as a flute or something as noisy as a drum or trumpet, but the hours of noise soon become hours of melodies. Soon they will come to you and say "Listen to this!" and you will actually recognize the tune. Your child will be proud of his or her accomplishment. You won't believe what it will do for their confidence and belief in themselves.  Let music in your child's life and watch them grow as a student and a person.