Benton Elementary School’s Art Show
The children of Benton Elementary had their Art Show last night and, I have to say, the creations were amazing!
Anderson invited me and his grandparents, Daryl and Sylvia, to see his work last night along with Bradley's. Chad and Brad couldn't go because he had baseball practice but we made…
Sharon Has a New Family Member!
Anderson had a big question to ask us on the way home from Nama and Grandpa's yesterday.
"Mama, can we please stop at Petco and get me a hamster? Bradley and Jayden have one. I'd like one, too!"
Chad and I looked at each other.
Here we go....
Anderson’s Act of Kindness Rewarded
Yesterday, we went shopping at Walmart in Waterville to get just a few things. This was around 4:45. The parking lot was light in cars so we thought we would have a quick trip in and out.
That was not the case.
Unfortunately, a trip that would have taken a half hour took an hour and and 45 minutes! BU…
Stories Written at Sharon’s Home
The kids are really going to town on their story books. They get more and more creative with each one.
I will decipher them for you because, well, Jayden is only 6 and Anderson is 7. They have come along way with their spelling! Just a year ago, Jayden could barely read so for her to be writing these…
Anderson’s Making Muffins!
Last week, Anderson told his teacher at Benton Elementary, Mrs. Walston, that he was going to bring the class muffins for his sharing time next week.
Next week is here and yesterday afternoon, he was the best baker ever!
But why did he decide to make muffins? Because he loves to read! Here's what…
Anderson Starts 2nd Grade!
Big day! BIG DAY!!
I take every first day of school off for Anderson because it is the start of his new adventure!
And, of course, this mama cried...a little.
Where Do You Take Your Kids Fishing?
What's the least expensive way to have fun with children? And the most fun?
What better way to get the kids out of the house, off their video games and out of the junk food? Spending time with your kids is easy!

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