The first day in November is ‘Men Make Dinner Day’ where the man of the house prepares a delicious meal for the entire family. No, you can’t just order a pizza and call it good. There are 12 rules to follow, with the number one rule being ‘Men Make Dinner Day' is on the first day of November. Rule two is ‘Man agrees to participate.’ Rule three says ‘you have to do it yourself and from a known recipe’.

Some of the other rules include, man shopping for all the ingredients for the meal and the organization of ingredients on the kitchen counter. You have to follow the recipe because calling your spouse for help in not allowed. Man has to set the table and serve the meal and of course, clean up after.  Another no no, watching T.V.; you can listen to music but not a flat screen. The rewards from ‘Man Make Dinner Day’ are; you score points with your spouse, you are told how wonderful the meal was and in the end, man gets the remote control back. Here's the entire list. Bon Appetite.