The Augusta Dog Park has a problem with what I call the ‘poo-poo heads’. They are the people who do not pick up after their dogs. As a result the Augusta Dog Park is temporarily shut down. It was a sad day for the all-volunteer Augusta Dog Park Committee to make the recommendation to the city. But it was needed. There was the dog waste and some had been spotted with worms.  So the park is closed until spring and a good cleaning can take place.

The park has also had a bit of vandalism. I noticed one of our gates is broken. I would have to assume someone did not shovel the gate, pushed it and broke it.  The city of Augusta is wonderful to the park; they provide poo bags and a trash barrel that is emptied on a regular basis.  The park has been open in the winters do to volunteers shoveling the gates. Yes, the city plows the road and parking lot and when the can the side walk, but the gates have been done by loving pet parents.

For those of you who do not know, the park was a gift to the City of Augusta from Augusta Rotary. It is along the Kennebec River in Mill Park. It is an amazing place. There is so much natural beauty in that spot. I love watching the eagles as they are watching us.

My involvement with the park has been a labor of love. Love of my dog, love of my community and a great affection for many dog park friends. It saddens me every time I have seen or heard people not being responsible pet parents.  I may not be as frequent of a visitor as in previous winters, but I have been going there since day one, I have supported the creation of the Augusta Dog Park Committee, I have wanted nothing but great things for the park, I hope this current attention on the park brings  community awareness that is needed to keep the ADP the gem of a location is has been.