When I first heard about the new consignment shop in Waterville, Madlyn's New & Used Consignment Shop, I was excited! I had wanted to sell some of my clothes to make a little extra money! The one thing I needed to sell...my wedding dress.

This ISN'T the wedding dress I sold, but the money I could make off the old one, I could use on something new!

And this weekend is the perfect time to come into Madlyn’s, as they are having their Easter Sale this Saturday, March 30. In keeping with the theme of the holiday, everyone who comes into the store, located at 42 Main St. in Waterville, will pick an egg from Madlyn’s Easter Basket, and instead of candy, there will be a surprise discount inside!

Anyway, getting back to my experience at Madlyn’s, I can’t say enough about how great they were to me!

My original dress was only 5 years old and still in fashion! It was strapless and had plenty of bling. I figured someone else might be able to use it.

I stopped in and they took great care of me! It was quick and easy to sell my clothing!

It was sold in 2 weeks! That was money in my pocket!

They also had all the clothes I was looking for! Name brands like GAP, Banana Republic, DNKY...all of them were there and just waiting for me to buy them!

They had an incredible selection of formal wear. There was one red gown I saw that fit me perfectly and I was going to buy it but I realized I had nowhere to wear it! The price was amazing!

And right now they have an awesome selection of kids clothes for Spring and Summer! Some of them have NEVER been worn! You know how you buy clothes for kids and they grow out of them before they have a chance to wear them? That's most of the clothes you'll find at Madlyn's!

If you're looking for a way to save money, check out Madlyn's for your new wardrobe! They're at 42 Main Street in Waterville! Give them a call at 659-9827 for more information!