Scientists in England believe they have found the skeletal remains of Richard lll who was king of England for two years from 1483-1485. When Richard lll ruled England there was a war going on over the throne, it was known as the War of the Roses. His army was defeated and Richard lll was killed in battle and the crown was taken over by King Henry Vll. Since 1485, no one was sure where Richard lll’s body was buried, but records showed he may have been laid to rest by Franciscan Monks at their church 100 miles north of London.

The church has long been destroyed, but using map regression analysis, it was found a church once stood where a parking garage stands now. Ground penetrating radar was used to find the best place to dig. It only took about a week when they found skeletal remains of an adult male who appeared to die in battle. Scientists are convinced its Richard lll remains because DNA test were taken that matched a DNA sample of a distant relative of Richard lll's sister.