If I was not already a fan of Senator Roger Katz, this would do it. Senator Katz is a republican and as we close the books on the most recent legislative session, he has shared his thoughts on the ‘elephant in the room’ (excuse the pun), the behavior of the governor of the State of Maine Paul LePage.

This is this opinion piece he did for the Bangor Daily News.  What drew me in was how Senator Katz summed up how I feel about what has been happening.  I think a lot of Mainers feel the same way.

To me and many others, it is once again the unfortunate tone being set by our chief executive. His use of vulgarity and schoolyard taunts to demean his Democratic opponents. His failure to offer real apology. And then his insulting of Republican legislators who choose to disagree with him.

As a lifelong, proud Republican who was overjoyed to see a Republican elected back in the Blaine House three years ago, I have one thing to say. I am embarrassed.”

This is not about agreeing or disagreeing with our governor’s politics. It is about his behavior. I know a lot of people love his crusty, tell it like it is demeanor. I am not one of those people. I think he does a disservice to himself.

I know I would be hard pressed to work in an environment with a hostile tone that seems to be surrounding the Legislative-LePage relationship.  I expect more from our elected officials, even if I did not vote for them.  I expect them to still work for what they believe is best for our state. I am guessing Gov. LePage believes that is what he is doing.  I am also guessing Gov. LePage has a quirky sense of humor that I would probably find more charming at a dinner party.

So, thank you Senator Katz for your work in representing the people of Augusta and the people of Maine. Thank you for your calming influence in these situations, thank you for your words of reason and rational essay.