I LOVE old movies. Chad has seen about every John Wayne movie out there a dozen times so he is no stranger to them either. When we first started dating I asked him to watch my FAVORITE movie with me 'Singin' in the Rain' and he enjoyed it.

Monday we COULD have watched football or baseball...but while he was in the kitchen getting himself a snack I was flipping channels. When I saw 'Rear Window' I had to watch it. It is such a great movie!

But would Chad enjoy it?

He sat down and asked 'What are we watching?" I told him Alfred Hitchcock's 'Rear Window'. He said he had never seen it. I was actually kind of shocked! I said "Jimmy Stewart? Grace Kelly? Where the guy has a broken leg and watched people out his window and there MIGHT have been a murder?"

He had never heard of it.

Well, I introduced it to him. Chad is not one to say anything during a movie. However, he was saying things like "What about the dog?", "Ooo, she's going to get it!" and 'I bet (this) is going to happen!".

He really got into it. See? You don't have to spend $10 each plus popcorn and a drink to see a really good movie. People have forgotten how good OLDER movies are!

It was a movie we enjoyed for free snuggled on the couch in our living room...with homemade popcorn (for $.50 a bag). Hopefully, this winter we'll be doing more of the same. There are so many more movies to see!