It was a typical day at the Buck-Hood household. Sleeping in on a Sunday, laundry and dishes...same old same old.

Until THEY came!

We had a few additions to the family last night and, boy, was it fun!

Anderson had been asking for a sleepover with his soon to be cousins, Kayleigh and Taylor, for a while. I had told him, Bradley and Jayden that we would look into it for Columbus Day weekend. And the day finally came!

Chad drove into the driveway with a car full! All 5 kids buckled in were let loose in the house! He knew I needed to start dinner so he took all the kids out to the trampoline. A video is posted below. You can hear the youngest, Taylor, say "That was awesome!"

We all had English muffin pizzas for dinner followed by the feature presentation of "Shrek".

All kids were in bed by 8:30 and they had played so hard and so long there wasn't a peep! It was perfect because then Chad and I could sit on the couch and watch the Red Sox and the Washington-Dallas game.Yes, perfect.

I fell asleep on the couch.

Yes, it WAS perfect! Here's to family and spending time together!