Today is the day!  I've been waiting for this day since December. I know, I know...most people don't remember the EXACT date they started their new job.

But who could forget the first day of the best job EVER??  Not me!!

Here is the story of how I came to be Randy McCoy's 'Morning Buzz' partner.

On December 3, 2004, my then husband Dan and I were waiting out in the rain and cold at the Augusta Civic Center. We were the first in line to buy tickets to see Brad Paisley, Sara Evans and Andy Griggs in concert in January 2005.

It was pouring rain. We had got there around 3:00 am and had to take turns going from the car to the window. We had to stay warm and we only had 1 umbrella. People started arriving around 5:00 am and we made sure we were still the first in line! B98.5 & Randy showed up to give us coffee and doughnuts from Dunkin Donuts around 6:00 am and they let us all in the lobby to get out of the rain.

I had first met Randy waiting in line for Alabama tickets with my sister, Audrey, back in 2000. The others that were waiting with us heard me singing Alabama songs all night long. When Randy arrived then, the people told me I should sing for him on the air. So I did AND I told him I was going to sing with Alabama onstage. He said I was crazy. Little did he know 2 months later that dream would come true!

While waiting for the Brad Paisley tickets, Randy asked me what I was up to now. I told him we had just moved back from Florida and I was still doing Medical Billing at Crisis and Counseling in Augusta. He then said "You know, we are looking for someone to be my morning show partner. Would you be interested?"

I was stunned. Me? Why me? I had absolutely no experience, I talk really fast and I'm pretty hyper at times.

He told me that, because of being in bands and doing plays, people knew who I was and I was generally liked by everyone. He had never heard a bad thing said about me. We got along well and laughed alot. I said I would think about it.

We bought the tickets and went back out to the car to drive away. I said "Hold on, stop the car." I went back in and asked Randy "Are you sure you want ME?" He laughed and said to just go and fill out an application. You never know.

So that Monday I went and filled out the application, had the interview that Wednesday and was hired that Friday. It was that quick! I came in and did the show a couple of times before Christmas for them to see how we got along and how we did on the air.

It clicked.

On Monday, January 10, 2005, my official first day at B98.5 happened. I was so excited! Randy announced me as his new partner and everything was going great.......until.....

The first phone call arrived. A woman had called and said "She sucks! She sounds like a little girl and her voice squeaks! She's terrible!" Randy hung up on the woman and looked at me. I was in shock! He said to me "You're doing great. Never let anyone get to you. Some people are just out there to ruin someone's day. You're doing just fine."

There were a few more phone calls like that BUT there were even more from listeners that day that welcomed me with open arms! They said they couldn't wait to get to know me.

Get to know me they have! They know my family, my son Anderson, my music and all the crazy things that happen each and every day. I'm just your average person that gets to talk to people every day and tell them about my crazy life. I love to make you laugh with my naivete and my stories.

It's been 8 fantastic years and I can't wait to celebrate even more with all of you!