I saw the commercial on television while sitting on the couch with Chad. I decided to learn more about it.

And I'm glad I did!

The Maine State Society For The Protection of Animals is located in South Windham and it's New England's largest equine rescue and rehabilitation facility. I had no idea it existed. They have almost 100 horses that have been seized by the police by court order and are kept their for the rest of their lives or placed din forever homes.

When I saw the commercial it said it takes 1 bale of hay a day to feed a horse. And they need 90 bales a day. Do the math and you will find it costs $450 a day to keep their horses fed.

You can help!

They have a campaign going on called 'Buy A Bale'. One bale is $5. They have a goal of $100,000 and, with my donation of $10, their total is now $33,392!

There are 4 reasons why you SHOULD donate:

1.Very easy to do.
2.Doesn't cost much at all.
3.Makes you feel good!
4.Tax deductible

Please take the time to check out The Maine State Society For The Protection of Animals website. You can donate HERE. Take a trip and tour the farm and see the good work they do there!