She may not have been on American Idol but Miranda Lambert has made a BIG impression on me. We actually have a few things in common.

Did you know I almost appeared on Nashville Star WITH Miranda?

I was living in Florida at the time and my friends had heard of this new reality show called 'Nashville Star'. I received so many phone calls and emails from my friends in Maine saying they had tryouts on Tampa and that I should go.

So I went. I filled out the paperwork and stood in line, sang my song, 9 to 5 by Dolly Parton (I had to choose a song from a list) and waited. I was chosen to be in the Florida finals. Whomever won there would go to Nashville and compete.

I was so excited! I was up against 14 other people. The other contestants knew all the judges. They were hugging and shaking hands and laughing. I had no idea who they were. Turns out, the other contestants were karaoke singers that made the circuit and had been in bands in the area for a long time.The judges were local radio hosts that had seen the contestants before in  previous Colgate Country Showdowns.

I didn't have a chance.

Had I won, I would have been competing against her. I, again, wouldn't have had a chance. She came in 4th but really was the most talented person of that first season.

I had a chance to see her open for Dierks Bentley in Lewiston. The Randy Rogers Band performed first and then her. She BLEW THEM AWAY!!  I was in awe of how she commanded the stage! She threw her pink guitar ACROSS THE STAGE and a stage hand caught it...My mouth dropped! She tossed her long blonde hair around like a rock star and didn't care if it got messy (listening, Carrie Underwood?). She gave everyone the performance of her LIFE! Just like she does every night.

I wanted to BE her!

I listen to her albums, watch her videos, saw her romance grow with Blake Shelton. She is living the dream.She writes songs with grit and also sweetness. She doesn't care what size she is because she is confident in herself. She is a strong country woman and someone I look up to immensely.

She is one of the reasons why I decided to branch off on my own. Her and the desire to have the respect of my fellow musicians, my opinions listened to and acknowledged whether they be good or bad and FINALLY create my own songs for the world to hear. She has all that and I believe I'm gaining in all those areas.

The video below, "New Strings", by Miranda says:

"You said I wouldn't get too far on a tank of gas
And an empty heart
But I have everything I'll ever need
I got this old guitar and a brand new set of strings"

That songs makes we want to be successful and prove the ones who don't think I can make it...that I can!!!!!

Lots of people call Chad and me "Blake and Miranda" which I think is awesome! While I will never be the "Next Miranda", I'm happy being the first "Sharon Buck".