Watch a Real-Time Dolphin Rescue
You're not supposed to help injured animals in the wild, but when a dolphin started hanging around these divers with a fishing hook and line obstructing its swimming, they were startled into action.
10 Guinea Pigs Wearing Funny Hats
It's a little sad, but guinea pigs all-too-often get left out of the costuming mix. It's understandable considering their small stature and the limited amount of miniature clothes available for cute rodents, but there's no real excuse for us to overlook them so much.
The 12 Cutest Baby Sloths on the Web
Sloths have always been cute little things, but we have Kristen Bell to thank for bringing their sheer adorableness to light this time last year. Sure, the actress is really, really emotionally attached to the animals, but we honestly can't blame her. Sloths make any situation like, 20 times cu…
Woman Gorged by Rhino in South Aferica
The South African Aloe Ridge Hotel and Game Reserve lists on their web site the rhino as one of the animal’s visitors can see up close. Getting a little too close to a rhino was not a good idea for 24 year old Chantal Beyer who was gorged in the back after taking an ‘up close&C…

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