Maine Loses Historic Fishing Shed in Storm
The blizzard that hit Maine on January 4th did more than dump a bunch of snow; it blew a fishing-industry building that’s on the U.S. National Registry of Historic Place to Canada.
It’s a brine shed that is moored at McCurdy’s Smokehouse off Lubec, Main…
Man Doesn’t Heed Tornado Warning…Mows Lawn
The Canadians are clearly winning 2017. Yes, that was partially a pun. First off, Clearly Canadian made a comeback. Secondly, Larry Enticer has become a folk hero with all it's "send it" goodness. Okay, so the hockey team didn't hold up their end of the bargain. In f…
Frankie Has A ‘Severe Pancake Warning’ For Maine [VIDEO]
How can you forget Frankie MacDonald? He was a video hit with his enthusiastic winter weather forecast that kept us up to date on the latest storm conditions. Well now there is  another storm brewing throughout Maine. This storm is non-weather related and it involves a popular Portland diner an…
Shania Twain Goes Blond
Not only is Shania Twain going to Rock This Country on her comeback tour this summer, but  she’s also going to rock a new hairdo. The country superstar has traded in her  famous brown locks for a shimmering golden look.

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