Gas Under $1 a Gallon in Michigan
Michigan has become the first state to have lowered their gas prices under $1 a gallon. These are the first gas station in the country to see prices under $1 a gallon in years.
Mom Faceplants During Wedding Proposal
This happened on a lake in Michigan during a marriage proposal. The sister of the bride to be knew her boyfriend was going to propose so she was shooting video. The mother of the bride to be took a faceplant in the sand before the proposal, but that didn’t stop the boyfriend.
Matt ‘BB Gun’ Krause Wins Cherry Pit Spitting Championship
In Eau Claire, Michigan, they recently held the annual International Cherry Pit Spitting Championship and the title went to first time winner Matt ‘BB Gun’ Krause. It may have been the first win for Matt, but the Krause family has dominated the contest, winning 24 of 39 champio…