9 Maine Towns With The Naughtiest Sounding Names
Alright, it's time to channel our inner giggling school boy. While scrolling through a list of Maine's towns and cities, occasionally you'll come across one that makes you look around real quick, check if anyone is there to judge you, and then allow yourself to have a good chuckle...
Monmouth Police Looking for Hit-and-Run Driver
The Monmouth Police Department yesterday (Aug. 29) responded to a car accident in front of Phil's Variety in North Monmouth on Route 202. An unknown black pickup truck was involved in the accident and fled the scene, heading towards Leeds...
Maine Gas Prices Down More Than a Nickel a Gallon
Maine drivers are filling up for less this week, as gas prices in the Pine Tree State have dropped nearly six cents, to an average of $3.63 a gallon. That's a drop of almost 15 cents per gallon from a month ago and 33 cents lower a gallon than this same time last year.