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Maine Christmas Lights Law Is An Internet Rumor
January 14, 2015, I woke up with the thermometer at my house reading 20 below zero, it sure is cold out today. But, January 14th is the deadline for Maine homeowners to take down their Christmas decorations by law, or is it?.
A Look At ‘Odd Laws’ In Maine
The New Year often means a round of new laws, sometimes you just scratch your head and wonder why we needed a law for that. Here are some 'odd laws' in Maine that have been around for a while.
Odd Maine Laws
As I was getting ready to do the morning show today, I came across some odd laws around the country. There's a law in New Jersey where drivers can be fined if a dog's head is hanging out of a car window. Another one in San Jose, California, where it's illegal for grocery stores to provide plastic ba…