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Author Chris van Dusen in Maine
If your child has ever brought home a Mercy Watson book, then you know who I'm talking about!
A Portland born author, Chris van Dusen has visited many schools. He visited Benton Elementary last year, much to Anderson's delight! Tuesday, he was in Auburn at Jayden and Bradley's school a…
Do You Measure Your Child’s Height? Sharon Does!
Every month the kids ask me "Mom/Sharon, can you measure me? I think I grew!"
And of course, I'll get out the pen and have them stand up against the wall. I measure them and sometimes they're taller and sometimes they haven't grown at all.
But the wall is filling up wi…
Sharon Wants To Visit YOUR Town!
There are so many small towns in Maine I have never seen let alone heard of. Yesterday, I went through the town of Alna, another place I never knew existed! This is my chance to visit with you and for you to show me what makes YOUR town so special!
I would like to visit as many towns in Maine that I …
Sharon’s Black Cat Mystery
With Halloween right around the corner, I have a mystery on my hands!
I'm not really sure how to say it but here goes:
I think the neighborhood cat is back from the dead!
Sharon’s Top 5 Favorite New Songs With Videos
I am really getting into some awesome songs we play here on B98.5. I'm lucky I get to hear music before the public does so when Andy plays me the songs that are due to come out I get very excited!
Some of my favorite songs have joined our playlist!

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