Nightmares? You Could Be Sleeping Too Much
Have you started the day with your mind racing from a nightmare? You're not alone. I find that most of mine happen right before I wake up in the morning. Guess what? We may be sleeping too much.
According to the study in Social Psychiatry And Psychiatric Epidemiology, those s…
Song Stuck in Your head? Chew Gum
You wake up in the morning and you have a song stuck in your head, what to do? New research suggests chew gum. You could be humming a tune anytime of the day, over and over again, and it’s driving you crazy, well, chew gum.
The Longer You Sleep, The Weirder Your Dreams
Everyone dreams and there are a lot of triggers that make people dream differently. Science has discovered the longer you sleep, the weirder your dreams become. As the night goes on, from early to late night, dreams become more bizarre.
Astronauts Don’t Sleep Well in Space
NASA has revealed that astronauts in space suffer from sleep deprivation. According to a 10 year study it shows astronauts get an average of only six hours of sleep a night. NASA orders crew members to get at least 8.5 hour of sleep but that’s not happening.
Men and Women Have Different Nightmares
It has been known for a long time that men and women dream and have nightmares but Psychologists now say they have very different dreams and nightmares. A study done at the University of Montreal says men dream more about natural and environmental disasters and war, women dream more about relationsh…
Women Need More Sleep Than Men
A new study by Duke University says women wake up grumpier than men because women need more sleep than men.  The study found lack of sleep for women can lead to heart  disease and depression, but the amount of sleep a person needs depends on the person, but generally women need at least 20…
National Napping Day is the Day After Daylight Saving Time
Since 1999, the first day after Daylight Saving Time is National Napping Day. For everyone the time change means more sunlight at the end of the day, but for some, it means they lost an hour of sleep and they need rest. If you are feeling the effects of the time change, then take a nap.

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