The Secret Lies in Jesus’ Butt
Apparently an 18th century chaplain in Spain had a sense of humor. When a statue of Jesus was removed from a northern Spain cathedral for restoration the workers discovered that there was a secret message in Jesus' posterior.
Woman Suing eBay Over Selling Plots on the Sun
A woman in Spain, Maria Duran, is suing eBay because they will not allow her to sell the ‘sun’ on their website. She had been selling 11 square-foot plots for $1 each and had received 600 orders before eBay shut her down.
Man in Gorilla Suit Mistaken for Real Gorilla
On the Spanish Island of Tenerife there was a report that a 400 pound gorilla escaped from the zoo by panicked members of the town. A vet was called to tranquillize the beast and get it back to the zoo. He found the gorilla, shot it, and then found out it wasn’t a gorilla after all.
Wandy’s Wacky World of Weird News
AANR, the American Association of Nude Recreation is looking for new members. To be more accurate, new ‘younger’ members. Since 2008 their membership has gone from 50,000 to 35,000 as former flower children are getting older and young nudist feel it’s an old-tim…