AANR, the American Association of Nude Recreation is looking for new members. To be more accurate, new ‘younger’ members. Since 2008 their membership has gone from 50,000 to 35,000 as former flower children are getting older and young nudist feel it’s an old-timers thing and they don’t always feel welcome. So lately they have been working to attract a younger crowd.

--AANR (attract adults not riga mortise)

Getty Images, photo by Thomas Vihelm

In Benidorm, Spain, the new luxury apartment building was going to be 20 floors of beautiful living but midway through, the architects decided to make it a 47 floor luxury apartment building. One problem, the elevator shaft was already in for 20 floors and now there’s not enough room to go up the other 27. Anyone living above the 20th floor will have to use the stairs.

--I don’t care how much you spent on furniture, we don’t deliver.

Getty Images, photo by Hulton Archive

In England, there was a drive-by catapult attack and the victim may lose his eye. A catapult projectile hit the man’s glasses and shards of glass went into his eyeball. No one knows who has the catapult but police are urging anyone with information to come forward.

--maybe they can catapult over to the police station.