Texas Longhorns football is not getting off to good start so far this year as several players had to be kicked off the team and, to top it all off, the word Texas, was misspelled on the official Texas Longhorn website. At the footer of several players’ biographies, there were 32 misspellings on the website.

The website should read TexasSports.com, instead it reads TexsaSport.com, ouch! The typo appeared in only odd-numbered pages and new coach Charlie Strong wasn’t pleased. He had to dismiss a copy writer after having to dismiss six players from the team. Two wide receivers were arrested on sexual assault charges and immediately kicked off the team and a day later running backs Joe Bergeron and Jalen Overstreet got the boot.

To make things worse, Oklahoma University, Texas’ biggest rival, are having no mercy when comes to the website typo. A video for the Sooners states in all capital letters’ , OU IS BETTER THAN TEXAS. LEARN TO SPELL PLEASE, HRONS. Double ouch!!