Thursday has quickly become Throwback Thursday throughout Facebook and other social media sites.  Some of you are asking what this is.  Throwback Thursday is the opportunity to share older pictures of yourself taken in the past, hence the term "Throwback".   With it being graduation season, this is a perfect Throwback.

I wanted to share my throwback with you because it really is awesome, or so I think.  My first picture is me, on my first day of kindergarten.  It was taken by a local newspaper photographer in Frankfurt, Germany.  I was sporting my little German dress, ET carrying bag and a note from mom pinned to my shirt.  Ain't I cute.

My second picture is me, on my last day of high school.  It was taken again, by a local newspaper photographer, right here in Augusta, Maine.  I love that I was in the paper on these two very important days.  I wasn't aware that either one of the them was taken.  It was a surprise.  But, it just goes to show, it's always been meant for me to be in the public eye.