Two Columbus Day rallies are planned on today, renewing debate over the Skowhegan High School's Indians mascot.

Earlier this year, the school board voted to keep Indians as the school's mascot, despite calls from Native American groups to change it.


One group is holding Skowhegan Indigenous Peoples Day at 1 p.m. at Lake George Regional Park in Canaan.

Organizers said the event is a celebration of Native American culture, families and history. This is the second year for the event.

Meanwhile, supporters of the school keeping the Indians mascot are holding a rally at 4 p.m. at Langlais Park in front of the famous Skowhegan Indian statue.

Some say the timing of the second rally is tasteless, considering the impact Columbus had on Native American populations.

Jen Poirier is a school board member and the event's organizer. She organized the group called Skowhegan Indian Pride

Members use a Facebook page to organize fundraisers and share positive memories about the community.