A research project from UMaine finds wild blueberries are good for digestion. It is nice to see the study these things, but it has been no big secret that wild blueberries are healthy in so many ways, and YES, darn tasty.

In this study, they found with the lab rats a plant fiber in the blueberries promotes the growth of good bacteria in the colon. In turn that promotes healthy digestion. All this is good news for Maine. You see, Maine is the No. 1 wild blueberry state by far, with last year’s harvest topping 91 million pounds.  Wild blueberries: supports Maine, good for your health and darn tasty, what more could you want from a little berry?

P.S.  So what is the difference with the little wild Maine Blueberry and the bigger blueberries? A lot. According to the Wild Blueberry website the little berries "give you more than twice the number of berries per pound compared with cultivated blueberries. That means your baked goods have more berries in every bite. The little wild ones also have a higher skin to pulp ratio. More skin and less water equal more antioxidant-rich pigment — and a better freezing blueberry."