Gosh, we love them: our smartphones, tablets, and computers. We are linked in and most of the time loving it!  Do you ever wonder about the impact of these devices to our lives and our bodies? There an impact and it is can really change the way you think. I mean that literally. 

Officials are only beginning to understand the effects of computers on the human brain. It is becoming clear that regular use of digital devices may be altering the course of human evolution.

For example, these electronic devices distracting to teenagers. Anyone could have guessed that, but impacts their ability to focus and learn. And it is not just teens it affects. Computers can change the way how the adult brain behaves and the ability to focus. It can also make you inpatient and forgetful.  Always being plugged in is harmful to our brains because our brains need downtime. It can affect your ability to parent! Computes, in all their forms, can divide a parent’s attention to the devices and the kids!

Despite our collective love for 'little electronic friends', I think if we are honest with ourselves, it does have an impact in our personal and professional lives. But would you cut back?