Anderson's been there many times. Visited the Aquarium, the Museum, the IMAX theater, Boston Market, Fenway Park. He loves to go there. And I love being able to take him.

But what now?

Sitting on the couch watching the footage over and over again, knowing inside my heart is breaking for the people there, I look over to see Anderson watching very intently.

What do you say?

I asked him if he knew what was happening. He said that people were running and there was smoke. I said that people were running a race called the Boston Marathon and at the finish line bombs went off. I asked him if he knew what a bomb was. He answered no.

Why do I have to explain to him what it does and why people use them? I told him mean people make them and make them explode so they hurt people.

"Why?" he asks.

THAT'S when I start to cry.

I said that some people want to hurt lots of people. We don't know why sometimes.

He said "That's not nice."  No, honey, it's not nice. I asked him how he felt about what he saw and he said he felt sad. I told him I did, too.

I asked him if he had any other questions. He asked if everyone was okay. I had to tell him that some people died.

"Will they go to Heaven?"

Yes, sweetheart, they will go to Heaven.

"Then they will be happy again?"

Yes, they will be happy again.

Then he crawled on my lap and hugged me and said "Mama, I'm glad I'm here with you."

Me, too,, too.

We'll go to Boston again, a little more guarded but we WILL go again. We won't let anyone try to scare us from having fun with our family. Hug your family tight and NEVER miss a chance to tell them how much you love them.

In our prayers last night, we gave thanks for being together as a family and asked that the people in Boston got better. We can't do much but sending up prayers for others makes us feel much better.