There are plenty of deer around this season. So many, in fact, I've almost hit 6 in the middle of the night. We have seen so many does that I think Chad was convinced there were no bucks left in the world....until we saw THESE!

Our friend, Rick, put up his trail camera last month and the pictures have been pretty amazing! I promised him I wouldn't disclose his location because the world might flock there! With fewer doe permits handed out this year it's been a tough year for hunters. I see on my personal facebook page how frustrated men and women are because they can't get their deer this year.

These trail cams are incredible. They range in price from $80 to $300.  The first time Chad put his up there were pictures of him walking away. That was it. But he checked it everyday and now there is a doe hanging around. It doesn't really do us any good because we don't have a doe permit. Maybe that buck that's been hanging around with the hoof prints the size of Chad's hand will make an appearance.

I'm not a hunter. I could never kill anything on purpose. But it does put food on the table. Tasty food, I might add, that's healthy for you. Here bucky, bucky, bucky....HERE BUCKY, BUCKY, BUCKY!!!!

Field and Stream, the hunting and fishing magazine, had a contest to send in the best trail cam pics. You can go to their website to see these pictures that include bucks fighting, an albino deer, deer surrounded by a dozen raccoons. They will announce their winner today! Check them out! You can see how valuable a trail camera can be for your hunting experience.