If you regularly play the lottery here in the State of Maine, there is a chance you could be over a million dollars richer and not even realize it.

According to WABI, the search is on for the holder of a winning Tri-State Megabucks ticket worth $1.5 million.

Did you get the lucky ticket? Did you?

The ticket, which was for the Saturday, November 12, drawing, was sold at the Cigaret Shopper store in Madawaska, the news station reported.

The article explains that an official from the Maine Lottery says there is a chance the person already knows they won and is waiting for financial advice before coming forward.

It is important to note that a lottery ticket expires a year after the drawing where it was won.

Think you may have the winning ticket? You can check your tickets HERE.

If you were a lottery winner, would you wait or would you be cashing in right away?

Over the last few years, we have had several large lottery winners in Maine.  In January, someone won $3 million on a Mega Million ticket.  In January 2021, someone won $1 million in Powerball.  And, in January 2020, a man from Howland became the first Powerball winner of the year.

According to the AP, the largest lottery prize ever won in New England was for one ticket sold in Massachusetts. That person won $758.7 million from playing the Powerball.

As for the largest jackpot ever? That recently happened in November 2022, with a prize of $1.6 billion. A billion. Good luck spending that kind of cash.

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