I have survived my first week in Maine so before you get any preconceived ideas about this new guy from California, here are the 11 things you absolutely need to know about me.

1. I am adopted, when I was a baby I was chosen by 2 wonderful people that I refer to as my mom and dad. they are 2 of the best people I know and would not ask for a different life.

2. I do not drink alcohol. Many people question if this is a religious choice, or possibly an allergy, but neither are true, I just do not like the taste of alcohol and find it ridiculously expensive.

3 I am obsessed with music. Every day, no matter rain or shine, if i'm tired or wide awake I will have music playing somehow, whether it is in my house or in my car I am rocking out to something.

4. I have never been in a relationship. This one needs no explanation. 25 years old, always been single.

5. I have written a book. I've always loved to write, and growing up i thought I would either be a screenwriter, songwriter, or an author, so in high school I followed in my hero's footsteps and tried to create my own fantasy world like Narnia. Needless to say it did not work out well.

6. I am not a fan of College. Now i'm not saying college is not important, I'm saying that I believe we put way too much focus on it. There are so many different options out there as far as being successful in life aside from higher education.

7. I will talk to you about anything. If you were to stop me at the grocery store and want to strike up a conversation I will never have a problem with it.

8. I love to sing. On my own, without anyone listening, but I love to sing

9. I was a drama geek in high school. I grew up doing musical theater, and just plain theater which sparked my love for performance.

10. I was also a regular geek in high school. I love all things nerdy, super heroes, LOTR, comic books, anime, i love it all.

11. I go to the movies A LOT. Pretty much every weekend you can find me at the movies eating my popcorn and sipping on a dr pepper.

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