You might have seen the television show 'American Pickers' on the History Channel. Mark, Frank and Danielle travel the United States in their van searching for treasures while meeting some interesting people. Maybe you've been to a yard sale and wondered to yourself if you are picking a valuable item. That's exactly what happened at a yard sale in Baileyville, Maine.

A man found a 1865 baseball card of the Brooklyn Atlantics. The card was found by chance in a photo album that bought at a yard sale in the tiny town near the Canadian border. The man bought the photo album, old Coca-Cola bottles and a couple of oak chairs for under $100.

Troy Thibodeau of Saco River Auction Company in Biddeford, tells the Associated Press that he's aware of only two such cards in existence, with the other one at the Library of Congress. He adds that at auction he'd expect the baseball card to sell for at least $100,000! The card will be up for auction on February 6th.

The highest price ever paid for a baseball card was a 1909 Honus Wagner card, that sold for $2.8 million.