Sometimes we forget how lucky we have it here in Northern New England.  Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Massachusetts really are four season playgrounds.  Beaches and hiking the summer, amazing foliage in the fall, and skiing / snowboarding!

While we don't have the massive mountains that the western states have, we do have some great skiing here in Maine.

In fact, two of the most popular ski areas in all of North America are here in Maine.

According to a posting on the Home To Go website, two of the most popular ski areas in all of North America are Sugarloaf and Sunday River.  The list of popular resorts was based on the number of people who searched for the resorts.

Bradley King / Unsplash
Bradley King / Unsplash

Like many ski areas in New England, Sunday River Ski Resort in Newry is a true RESORT.  In addition to great skiing, the resort (and nearby town) has hotels, restaurants, bars, and lots of nightlife.

Located in Carrabassett Valley, Sugarloaf Mountain is an icon when it comes to New England skiing.  Of course, the mountain offers visitors great skiing, but it has so much more.  There is even the Anti-Gravity Center which operates as an indoor skate park, has trampolines, a climbing wall, and more.

Some of the other resorts on their list include Jay Peak in Vermont, Okemo Mountain in Vermont, and Killington in Vermont.  Most of the rest are in California, Colorado, and Utah.

Personally, I was kind of surprised that there do not appear to be any of the New Hampshire mountains on the list.  Given all of the great skiing in the Mount Washington Valley, I would have guessed that we'd see at least a few on the list.

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