Portland, Maine Memes

Every day we wake, there’s a new trend, meme, or saying circling the world wide web. It’s hard to keep up these days with the cool kids, sometimes I just have to smile, nod, and play along. I have to Google what they mean or scroll through the comments to understand more often than I'd actually like to admit. Am I getting old?

You'll often find locals taking these viral social media trends and memes and turning them into funny local content that is only relatable and funny to those from that area or place. Almost like an inside joke for locals to relate to and laugh about together.

One internet saying that’s been going around for a while now is, “tell me you ___ without telling me you ___.” So, for example, it may be something like: “Tell me you work in a restaurant without telling me you work in a restaurant” and someone may respond, “Behind! Corner!” or something related to, well, working in restaurants. Sometimes, it's a funny and easy way to complain about something, too.

Are you caught up?

If you understand this concept, keep scrolling with me. I’m part of a Portland, Maine Facebook group and someone posted the other day saying, “tell me you live in Portland without telling me you live in Portland…”

I scrolled the responses, giggled as I went through them, and compiled the answers into this post for you to peruse.

Here are 30 ways to know you’re from Portland without saying you’re from Portland, Maine.

30 Ways to Know You're from Portland Without Saying You're from Portland, Maine

Tell me you're from Portland without telling me you're from Portland, Maine...

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