I don’t know how many times I’ve been asked if I live under a rock. The short answer would be yes. Ha Ha! But I’m going to give you the longer version.

Think back to your younger days, dig really deep. I’m sure most would say they celebrated turning 21 by enjoying a night out bar hopping with friends. That wasn’t me. The year I turned 21, I celebrated around a bonfire with my closest friends and family. While they were taking shots and enjoying an adult beverage, I was eating a Big Mac hoping my 2 children would sleep through the night. LOL. Motherhood was a huge factor in my choice not to bar hop or even drink. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think you’re a bad parent if you do, it just didn’t peak my interest like it did others.

Fast forward 10 years to a new career and the start of many “firsts” I will check off my list. My first week in radio I was introduced to my very first bar experience, and oh what an experience it was. We enjoyed smoked cocktails presented by the Oak Table and I was pleasantly surprised how the flavors really evolved with simple changes. It was a true form of art that really opened my eyes to trying new things that I may not have been so open to before.

Life’s about taking chances, trying new things and embracing new experiences. I truly can’t wait to see what my next “first” is!!

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